PICTURED: Howard Lynch,  Al Gragg, David Ferguson
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jh tupac name SHRANK

Venture behind the velvet rope in this chronicle of the legendary Jamaica House, ‘the studio 54 of hip-hop’, and L.A.’s biggest club of the 90s. This is a coming of age story for the club’s teenage founders, just as it is for rap music. The founders struggled with new money, new fame, and old demons, as the club “blew-up” beyond it’s underground roots. Meanwhile, Jamaica House withstood the rise of gangs, drugs, L.A. Riots, plus the evolving music, violence, and culture. Numerous experiences of former employees, promoters, patrons, and rap celebrities are documented from the club’s spectacular rise, to it’s tragic fall. The documentary features never seen interviews and performances of Run-DMC, Tupac Shakur, The Roots, Notorious B.I.G., GangStarr, and members of NWA.




Dr dre Howard blown then crop CU 8.11.33 PM


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